VPSCheap.Net Review for the Server Savvy

For a long time I considered paying for an unmanaged VPS that I can beat the crap out of by installing packages, running web apps, learning new shit, or whatever else I can come up with. I do have shell access to my DreamHost account that is running this site, but since its a shared host I’m limited to what can be installed because I don’t have full root access. So when I decided to pull the trigger on paying monthly for a VPS I figured out a needed the following to satisfy my needs.

A lot of my friends speak highly of Rackspace and Linode, but I didn’t need the horsepower or stability they offered for the $20+ per month cost.

After searching around for a few days I stumbled on VPSCheap.NET. Their site definitely gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling which was important for me to give them my money. Their ad for “Linux Virtual Servers” starting at $1.99 per month definately caught my eye too! Once I was completely comfortable choosing them for my VPS I was faced with which level of I wanted. So, I stared at their offerings for 20 minutes until I finally settled on their VPS 2 option for a whopping $3.99 a month!

VPS 2 Features

All options include:

After paying my VPS was provisioned and ready to go within 20 minutes and I had all my passwords to login and manage my various accounts. I ended up with 3 total.


  1. Billing account for payments and upgrading/downgrading my VPS on the fly
  2. Root account for the server itself
  3. Control panel account for general VPS settings, resetting root password, and viewing bandwidth/memory/storage usage

I know I would never remember the control panel address so a simple redirect off the IP (, which I will remember, does the trick.

VPSCheap.NET Control Panel

VPSCheap.NET Control Panel

Initial Impressions

After only using my new VPS for a few days I am very satisfied with my purchase. I have been able to do all that I wanted to do without having to bog down my laptop with VMs.



I haven’t had to request support so I can’t speak to that. Support was low on my priority list considering I wanted to do most of the technical work myself for the learning experience. I may have to contact them regarding billing or something else out of my control, so if I do I will be sure to update this post with my experience.


If you want a low cost VPS then I would definitely recommend ponying up the cost of 2 iced coffees a month over at VPSCheap.NET.