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Side Projects

I've been hearing a lot of chatter about side projects lately. First was from fellow Glory Lord, Mubs, when he gave a talk at Sharatoga TechTalks in February 2015. He is basically the king of side projects north of Albany, NY as far as I am concerned. So what he had to say was very inspiring.

A few weeks later Twitter started getting more activity about side projects and then one very popular dev's tweet came into my timeline about his side projects. Salvatore Sanfilippo aka "Antirez", the creator of Redis, wrote about his list of side projects. Yes Redis started as a side project and now look at where it is today. Pretty amazing.

In the spirit of side projects I decided to add a new "Side Projects" page to my site that listed some of the bigger efforts I have completed. There is still a bunch of other projects I have on my GitHub profile, but these are the ones I felt deserved to be featured on my side.

"Side projects are the projects making your bigger projects possible. Moreover they are often the start of new interesting projects."

- Salvatore Sanfilippo