Introducting Rebel Geeks

It is no secret that I enjoy a wide array of hobbies outside of work. CrossFit, weightlifting, fast cars, and loud bikes, just to name a few. As I became more invovled in the local web community I found a lot of my peers loved to ride as well. What a perfect opportunity to share even more interests with people I know other than just work-related stuff.

My old boss gave me the nickname of “Rebel Geek” because of my hobbies aside from engineering web sites. Based on that name I created Rebel Geeks to start building a community of riders who are also geeks like myself.

There are a slew of local tech meetups throughout the summer so this could make a great opportunity to band together and ride into the meetup as a club. A lot of other motorcycle clubs I know, namely the one my late uncle, the Manoment Mystery Riders existed purely to enjoy riding and head out on a “mystery” ride to new destinations every time. Some clubs even exist just to get ice cream every weekend during the summer for some fun. Based on those ideas I wanted to start my own club, not only to get together and ride with my fellow geeks, but to also honor the memory of my uncle.

So, not matter where you are in the world, if you are in the web industry and love to ride then we welcome you to join the club!