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When lightning talks CFPs were announced for GopherCon 2017 I was hesitant. I had given plenty of talks before and a few lightning talks, which were to small crowds, but I've only been writing Go for 8 months, it would be my first GopherCon, and they had and impressive line up of speakers, so I wasn't sure what I could contribute. That damn imposter syndrome kicked in pretty hard. However, I figured what the hell, and threw my hat into the ring to see if I would get selected. Low and behold, I did, and now I had to go through with it and I am very happy I did. Even though I was extremely overwhelmed with the attention they gave to the lightning talks it also made me feel included and important enough to contribute.

Thank you Brian, Erik, and company for GopherCon and Mark for organizing the lightning talks. I'll be sending in a CFP for the main event next year!