First Day at Collar Collective

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day down at the co-working space offered up by Agora Games. It has been dubbed “The Collar Collective” because of its location in Troy, NY, aka “Collar City”. Troy’s mark in history is due to its shirt, collar, and other textile productions. I was extremely happy to learn about this since where I grew up only 20 minutes away was Lowell, MA, which is also very well known for its historic textile industry. It felt like visiting a piece of home. Inside the building the perfect blending of rustic historic brick walls and wood floors with modern desks, video games, and computer equipment.

Common room

And to top if off, the best part was the employees of Agora Games. Even though they were grouped in a separate wing of the floor, they still came over to welcome me to the space and spent time to get to know me. It was a great change of pace from working in my home office.

Lunch was spent at Dinosaur BBQ with a brew and 5 guys from the Agora crew talking cars and hiking. There wasn’t a lot of shop talk, which was refreshing.

I want to thank all the guys (Aaron, Andrew, Brian, Clarke, David, Steve, Tom, Vitaly) and any others I didn’t get to officially meet for offering up not only a sweet physical place to work, but a fun, laid back environment as well.

The only thing that could have made the place better was a dumbwaiter set up near my desk since I was directly sitting 2 floors above a Dunkin’ Donuts!

I will be back!