A New Focus, a New Design, and a New CMS

A few weeks ago I just happen to pull up my site (powered by Tumblr) and I noticed I had a shit ton of photos, quotes, and crap completely unrelated to my profession. I wanted my site to represent not only the professional me, but the personal me as well. However, I think I went a little overboard on the personal side. Because of that realization I decided to refocus my website and with that new focus came a new design powered by a new content management system.

With my new focus on writing good articles I need a design that highlighted that content. So what you are looking at is a text only design, with the exception of the occasional picture or two in an article. And as luck would have it this new wicked awesome CMS, Statamic, launched. All of my content is in flat files and formated in Markdown. How cool is that?! Seriously, what better way to focus on writing than to use a CMS that prides itself on simplicity and focused on content. So I have to give thanks to the two woodsman responsible for this awesome product, Jack McDade and Mubashar Iqbal.

With all that said I hope you enjoy the new blainsmith.com! \m/