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3 Years at MadGlory

This may have been the first job that when I look back over the years I am absolutely shocked with how much I have been exposed to and learned. I couldn't be more grateful towards everyone I work with. After all, MadGlory would be nothing if it wasn't for the people that work there and I am glad to call them my family.

MadGlory opened its doors only 3 years ago, but over those years we have gone from a 4 person team with no office and a few clients to a team of 20+ in our now 2nd office. We are starting to outgrow that now too. I think the next step is just just build our own office campus, but that is just my opinion. ;-)

I remember when I started that I was just this ColdFusion developer with some WordPress, Drupal, and PHP experience. Barely used git and GitHub or any source control for that matter. Apache was the web server of choice and manually configured VMWare machines was the architecture of choice. I thought I had a good handle on engineering on the web. I was sadly mistaken. Fast forwarding today the list things I've learned is almost exhausting to talk about and it is growing every day. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have a chance to write and successfully launch an Xbox 360 app driven by a Node.js API I helped design, engineer, and deploy, all in 5 months, but that just happened this week. By the way, there is also an iOS, Android, FireTV, Roku, and XboxOne app that was also launched powered by the same API as well.

Things are only going to get bigger and better from here on out.